Brush Up on bright With the new Sonia Kashuk clean Couture clean set

The brushes + the makeup bag = perfection!
Now, I believed the Zoeva total clean set brushes were/are gorgeous, however I was floored by the brushes in the Sonia Kashuk clean Couture Brush set ($21.99)!

The brushes in this four-piece set all have vibrant floral-print handles as well as coordinating bristles, as well as they’re a sight to behold, however looks are nothing when it concerns brushes. What I want to understand is exactly how do they work? Do they make it simpler to apply my makeup? Does my makeup look much better when I utilize them? দেখা যাক…


The view from above…
The Sonia Kashuk clean Couture clean set includes a domed powder/blush clean (purple), synthetic contour/buffing clean (orange), tapered powder/highlight clean (pink) as well as a duo fiber foundation/concealer clean (yellow), as well as I believe we can all agree that these are some very adorable brushes.

Are they as great as they look?

Well, the domed powder/blush clean works well as a blush brush. It’s a bit smaller as well as much more dense than what I generally reach for, however it picks up pigment well as well as is very, very smooth.


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$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

Here’s a comparison of it to other blush brushes in my collection:

The Sonia Kashuk domed powder/blush clean compared to the Zoeva Luxe Cheek surface clean as well as the Zoeva Luxe highlight Brush
The Sonia Kashuk domed powder/blush clean compared to the Zoeva Luxe Cheek surface clean as well as the Zoeva Luxe highlight Brush.
The Sonia Kashuk domed powder/blush clean is larger than the Zoeva Luxe highlight clean however smaller than the Zoeva Luxe Cheek surface Brush, so it’s on the little size for a blush brush. That being said, it does a fine task of applying my blush.

And because the powder/blush clean works so well, I had high really hopes for the synthetic contour/buffing clean (orange). Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with this one. The bristles are extremely dense, as well as the clean is quite small, so I don’t like it for buffing in my foundation. Also, after washing the clean just once, a few of the orange color bled…

I don’t contour, however it may work well for blending in cream contour products, because the clean is so extremely soft.  

Here’s a comparison to the other buffing brushes in my stash:

Top to bottom: Zoeva Silk surface Brush, genuine methods Buffing Brush, Sonia Kashuk synthetic Contour/Buffing clean as well as Sonia Kashuk Duo Fiber Foundation/Concealer Brush
Sadly, the duo fiber foundation/concealer clean (yellow) doesn’t work well for me either. I discover it a bit as well big to smoothly blend my under-eye concealer, as well as as well little to effectively blend my foundation. I choose a makeup sponge for both tasks, however like the other brushes in the collection, the bristles are extremely soft.

Lastly, the tapered powder/highlight brush.

Wow, it’s extremely fluffy, so it doesn’t pick up as well much product, as well as after washing, it loses a few of its shape. So it’s not the very best clean for exactly applying a highlight, however it’s still great for dusting powder all over.

Sonia Kashuk Tapered Powder/Highlight clean compared to the Zoeva Luxe deal with Definer Brush
The Sonia Kashuk clean isn’t as dense as the Zoeva Luxe deal with Definer clean as well as not rather as soft, however it still feels comfortable on my skin (and it’s less than $4 as part of this set).

Another look at the Sonia Kashuk brushes compared to similar brushes
Overall, I believe these brushes are good, however not great. I do believe they’re extremely great for the price.

The purple blush clean as well as pink powder clean are rather good, however the orange contour clean as well as yellow foundation clean are misses for me. But if you like utilizing synthetic brushes for contour and/or foundation, they may work much better for you.  


I can’t reject that I like the packaging.

The Sonia Kashuk clean Couture clean set is offered now at Target for $22, as well as the very adorable makeup bag shown is offered for $16.

What do you believe are the very best brushes available now?

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