I may Be as well Vain for This, however I’m Gonna Do It anyway

right here we gooooooo…
You guys, I believe I’m ready. I believe it’s lastly time. I’ve been going back as well as forth of what feels like permanently (but in truth has been about a year as well as a half, ha ha!) about whether to let my grays grow out, as well as you know…after this this last round of dying my hair as well as absolutely hating every second of it, I believe I’m going to make the jump. I’m gonna grow out my grays.

We’ll see if I feel the exact same method in about two months when all of the infant hairs along my hairline are white as well as there’s that jarring line of demarcation where you can see the the last round of color, however I figure, if I can grow out my eyebrows, I can do anything!


And you know, it’s hair. If I’m not feeling it after I grow it out, I can always dye it back. Plus, it’s been a really, truly long time because I rocked my natural hair color — much more than 10 years. Shoot, perhaps even 15? So it’ll be a good modification to see what my hair really appears like in its natural state.

Knowing that I don’t plan to dye it once again already feels like such a relief. What pushed me over the edge was a comment from Kristy (hey, girl!), who said…

“I’ve gone down the demi-permanent rabbit hole trying to cover grays myself, as well as I’ve discovered it to be unsustainable. It doesn’t cover the grays for long – the roots tend to fade, as well as the lengths just get darker as well as darker. I have dark hair too, as well as I discovered myself coloring practically monthly up until it was just as well much to take as well as my hair was the color of shoe polish. I don’t color anymore as well as I now have silver streaks, totally free of charge! I mean, people are paying to get gray hair! It’s a statement look for me now as well as I’ll never color again. I would strongly motivate anybody who is ill of covering gray to opt for it. Yes, it sucks for a few months, however nobody truly cares (just you) as well as you will come out happier, stronger as well as much more lovely in the end!”

This got me believing about seeing my dad’s retired good friends hanging out in the neighbor’s garage. There’s always a few men in the group with hair that just looks a bit as well dark, as well as there’s something about it that doesn’t look rather right. If I keep utilizing the demi-permanent hair color I’ve been using, I worry that that’s where I’m headed, as well as I don’t wanna end up there. That’s my primary motivator.


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I mean, I likewise like saving the money (my hair has always been one of my most significant charm expenses, as well as I’m trying to cut back), however I likewise really, truly dislike dying my own hair. as well as I’m awful at it, so there’s that, LOL!

Truth be told, I’m scared that I’m a bit as well vain/unready to comply with with with this as well as stick with it for long, however I’m going to try anyway.

Note: You may be reading a publish two months from now within which I’m FREAKING OUT as well as renouncing the whole thing, so we’ll see. Hair, like life, is fraught with adventure, right?

Talk to me if you’ve grown out your grays. exactly how long did it take, since by my estimates it’s going to take about a year.

Or, hmm… perhaps I’ll grow it out up until the grays are chin length, then chop it into a bob?


I’ve got great deals of ideas, however I’m still weighing all options.

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