The It Cosmetics holiday 2016 Collection

The It Cosmetics holiday 2016 Collection
I’m wearing the It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi complexion perfection palette this afternoon, and when I opened the palette earlier today, I thought, “Ooh! look whatsoever the warm tones…”

I got very excited. then I got even much more thrilled when I saw that one of the pans, the warm-looking bronzer, is called Sunshine in a Compact.


Ah… I was all mentally prepared for a warm-toned experience, like the makeup equivalent of a week on Kauai — you know, coconut in one hand, video camera in the other, because, seriously, who goes to the beach lugging around a massive camera?

এই মেয়ে.

Anywho, when I actually put on the bronzer, I rapidly realized that it isn’t as warm as I thought. It’s actually pretty cool-toned and sheer, so I think that lighter lasses who are cool-toned will appreciate it more.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

I mean, I know that I talk about wearing cool-toned colors all the time, like the other day, when I was talking about cool-toned red lipsticks and how I like to wear them even though I’m warm-toned. I do like the contrast of a cool-toned lip on warm skin, and in some cases I like wearing cool-toned eyeshadows for the same reason. I think that because of the contrast, my lips look more…structured, and the colors don’t get lost as easily on my skin.

But I feel like some cool-toned blushes and highlighters look jarring on my skin tone, especially on large patches of skin, like my cheeks and upper cheekbones.

Something about it doesn’t look quite best to my eye.

There are some other things in the collection as well, like a couple of ornaments and two cute brush kits.

(Side note: how cool would that be? A Christmas tree covered in makeup ornaments?)

One of the brush sets has stylish rosy gold handles, while the other one’s handles are sparkly silver. all of the brushes in both sets are full size.

If I were a Mariah Carey drag queen, I would completely want the sparkly brushes on my makeup vanité.

Yes, I just said “vanité.”

By the way, the glitter on the handles doesn’t come off, which is good to know, because if it did that would be a bummer.

City chic 5-Piece Ultra Luxe Skin-Loving brush set + exclusive case ($68) — New, limited edition

All That Glitters 5-Piece brush set + exclusive Shimmering case ($58) — New, limited edition (Ulta exclusive)

Je Ne Sais Quoi complexion perfection palette ($42) — New, permanent

Confidence in a cream transforming Moisturizing very cream Ornament ($16) — New, limited edition

Superhero elastic stretch Volumizing Mascara Ornament ($12) — New, limited edition

Je Ne Sais Quoi complexion perfection Palette
The Blush, Translucent Powder, Bronzer and Highlighter from the Je Ne Sais Quoi complexion perfection Palette

In paw for scale…
I don’t know if you’ve used It Cosmetics brushes before, but they remind me of the brushes from real Techniques. Both use synthetic fibers and are cruelty free, but I think the It Cosmetics brushes are fancier. Both have very soft bristles, which I like, because some synthetic brushes have thicker bristles that don’t relocation product around very well, whereas these It Cosmetics brushes (and the real techniques brushes as well) feel very soft and are easily able to manipulate powders and creams.

The It Cosmetics brush bristles feel even softer than the real technique ones do to me.

I really like the face brushes. I think they’re just the best size, and I like the eye brushes, too, but I feel like they’re a little on the bigger side, so if you have small lids like I do, these aren’t precise. They’re probably better for washes of color than detail.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi Quad
Wearing the Je Ne Sais Quao Complextion perfection Palette, confidence in a cream very cream and Superhero Mascara
City chic 5-Piece Ultra Luxe Skin-Loving brush set + exclusive Case
The City chic Brushes
All That Glitters 5-Piece brush set + exclusive Shimmering Case
The All That Glitters Brushes
All That Glitters Brushes
The confidence in a cream and Superhero Mascara Ornaments
Like I discussed earlier, there are also two ornaments in the collection. One is a small mascara called Superhero, and I think it’s a little awkward to use. There isn’t much distance between the mascara brush and the handle, so it’s just…really awkward to hold. I feel like my fingers are too close to my eyes when I use it.

I don’t know… I just wish there was much more distance between the brush and the handle.

The mascara itself, though? I like the color. It’s very black and does a pretty good job of thickening, but you know me. I want lash drama! and better curl hold!

The other ornament is essentially a face moisturizer — no tint or anything.

ঠিক আছে. I have dry skin, and the moisturizer is very thick and moisturizing. It has a good weight to it and smells a little like lemons. It’s also expecteডি বিরোধী সুপরিণতি হতে।


সংগ্রহে আমার প্রিয় জিনিসগুলি ব্রাশ, বিশেষত গোলাপের স্বর্ণের হ্যান্ডলগুলি দিয়ে সেট। তারা খুব বুদ্ধিমান এবং চকচকে বেশী তুলনায় একটু বেশি আড়ম্বরপূর্ণ … যদিও চকচকে বেশী মজা দেখায়।

আপনার বন্ধুত্বপূর্ণ প্রতিবেশী কবজ আসক্তি,


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