Saturday Surfing, Aug. 1, 2020

What’s up, Caturday?
Greetings, fellow feline as well as fun-filled weekend enthusiast! Our two artists-in-residence send their regards.

While the women embellish this piece of paper, I plan to decorate…my deal with with winged liner as well as a bright lipstick.



Answer: why not? however seriously, I don’t have anything profoundly interesting planned. I’m just taking Connor to her dance studio for the very first time in months since she has a solo dance recital, as well as that’s all the reason I requirement to get a bit gussied up… At the extremely least, I can clean up my brows! ?

The dance studio moved a lot of of their classes online, however they do a couple things outdoors in their car parking lot, as well as we’re going today so Connor’s dance instructor can record her as well as a couple other socially distanced trainees while they do the routine they would’ve done on stage at our regional civic center for the spring recital.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

I still can’t believe exactly how much things have changed… At last year’s spring recital, there need to have been a hundred youngsters as well as 300 parents, everybody jammed into a performance hall, as well as all the youngsters as well as parents got prepared in a huge space backstage adjusting costumes, soothing nerves and, ya know, breathing the exact same air in close proximity.

Leapin’ into these crazy times!
I understand this is all temporary, however you understand exactly how it is. I get a bit down often when I believe about it… I’ll keep hangin’ in there if you do.

I’ve been informed by the regional ballet authorities that this type of jump is called a jeté.
আপনি আজ যতটা কি? got a few minutes for some Saturday surfing?

This post in The new Yorker about rethinking the science of skin is a long read, however it has permanently altered exactly how I view the bar of Dove soap in my shower.

What is Hypochlorous Acid, as well as what can it do for you?

Thanks to the pandemic (uh…), women are growing out their chin hair (and other bodily hair).

How frequently must you be washing your hair?

This polish by Nails Inc dries in 45 seconds, as well as it’s meant to be the world’s fastest drying nail polish.How do you feel about pink eyeshadow? — ’cause it’s gonna be around Chanel this fall.

10 affordable perfumes that odor method a lot more costly than they are…

How to “blind buy” a new signature perfume without ever smelling it…

Long-lasting grapefruit perfumes for the citrus lovers out there…

This was refreshing.

Love it

Because it never hurts to discover something new

Stretching modifications everything! I’m going to try this.

This dude needs to find over to my home as well as do my hair every day.

This made me tear up.


Have a fantastic rest of your weekend. I hope you’re able to do something kicking back as well as fun. ?

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