Saturday Surfing, April 17, 2021

have a wonderful Saturday!
Hiya, cutie pie. welcome to the weekend! If you haven’t done your grocery buying for the upcoming week yet, let me decrease some major citrus understanding on you: sumo citrus is THE STUFF. You requirement to try one of these if you haven’t already.

They taste like a wonderful mix between a Mandarin orange as well as a Meyer lemon, however without any type of of the pucker-your-lips lemon tartness. The wrinkly peel is simple to eliminate too, as well as the wedges are so, so juicy! They’re just like eating fruity candy.


FYI, they’re on the pricey, at least around here, so they’re a special treat for us. I get mine at Trader Joe’s for $1.69 each (!), as well as I’ve likewise seen them at whole Paycheck whole Foods for between $2 as well as $3…each.

Kinda $$ however so good!
Seriously, try one! Your life will be permanently changed.

This weekend’s reading

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For future reference…

এটা ভালবাসা।

Because I requirement all the assist I can get!

This is so not my style, however I like exactly how the kitchen area as well as living space open as much as the backyard.

Can I online right here please.

Why did this make me laugh so hard?

I’m prepared to join the Command Hooks cult.


Have a fantastic rest of your weekend, my friend. ?


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

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