Doing the Dew With MAC cream Colour Base in Luna

MAC cream Colour Base in Luna

Dear 1990s-era mattes,

Enjoy your moment in the makeup world, my friends, since in 30 or so, tastes will shift, as well as people will be all about shimmering skin. They’ll even go so far as to talk about diverse levels of dewiness… Can you imagine? আমি জানি. It’s craziness.

তোমার বন্ধু,


As you know, I’ve been into dewy skin for… What has it been now? Years? as well as what has propelled this obsession to stratospheric levels has been the sheer breadth of different kinds of dew as well as shininess (yes, there are diverse levels of dewiness).

One of my preferred methods to “do the dew” is to have skin that glows with just the sheerest, subtlest opalescence, as well as that’s what you get with MAC cream Colour Base in Luna ($24).


Now, I recognize that Luna looks a bit like a stark as well as frightening full moon in the pan… I believe of it as a cream version of MAC Strobe Cream, however without the pink or gold tones. The color is a warm pearly white sheen sans any type of shine or frost, as well as as long as you don’t stack as well much of it on (because it’ll begin to look extreme as well as obvious), it’s absolutely wearable. When you blend a thin layer on your skin, Luna shows light in soft, subtle ways… It’s the polar opposite of hard, extreme metallic creams as well as powders, as well as it looks extremely natural.

Luna is a lot of commonly utilized as a highlighter, however I believe it likewise lusters (ha ha ha, extremely punny, Karen!) when you layer it beneath other products. I like it as an eyeshadow base for neutral tan, taupe as well as beige powder eyeshadows since it cheers up your toasty tones a tad while adding the softest hint of pearl.

The general effect? Fresh-faced, sightly dewy lids.


বিড়াল এবং মেকআপ sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

এখনই কিনুন

Side note: if you have MAC Satin Taupe, naked Lunch or age on hand, Luna looks wonderful beneath any type of of ’em.

Oh, you can likewise layer Luna with blushes, too. Yup, both powder as well as cream blushes. Dab a bit on the apples of your cheeks, then tap your blush on top with either fingers or a skunk brush. Or, mix it with your cream blush on the back of your hand before applying from there with your fingers.

Blended as well as unblended on my NC42 skin
Luna feels like an ever-so-slightly thinner as well as creamier MAC paint Pot. Don’t concern if it seems stark white in the swatch since you won’t see it sitting on top of your skin if you blend it.

Yes, since it’s a cream, Luna will scoot a bit bit…or a lot, depending upon your skin type. I’m combo oily/dry, as well as my dry areas like the cream Colour Bases. They latch onto them for about five hours (maybe six in winter), as well as I don’t usually reapply them throughout the day since if/when my makeup shifts as well as changes, I’m normally great with that.

If you’re oily-to-the-max, very first of all, been there, done that. আমি তোমার কষ্টটা অনুভব করতে পারছি. Second, Luna will most likely slip ideal off ya, however if you want to try it, you can still make it work by layering a primer under it as well as setting it with powder… You may be much better off with a powder highlighter, as well as there are lots of excellent ones available that are likewise subtle. Laura Mercier has an all-over deal with setting powder called glow that you can utilize as a highlighter for a similar dewy sheen. glow looks much warmer, though, since it has a strong gold tone, whereas Luna is a straight-up white.


Let Luna light your way! You can discover it in MAC’s long-term collection, if you’re interested.

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